Since the earliest recorded history, colon cleansing regimens have been practiced in order to improve health and relieve various ailments. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used enema therapy and colon hydrotherapy as part of their regular medical practice. Even in the colonial days of the United States, enemas and colonic therapies were considered a vital part of treating some diseases, staving off others and maintaining good overall health.

In the early 1900s, a prominent Battle Creek, Michigan physician, John H. Kellogg, reported outstanding results in patients with gastrointestinal ailments by applying a regimen of colonics; these remarkable results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Spas in the Los Angeles area carry on this medical tradition, making it easier than ever to find a trusted colonics clinic in Sherman Oaks or other surrounding LA areas. Spas specializing in colon hydrotherapy serve the entire surrounding community, providing healthful services such as colonics. LA residents are now able to use this time-tested procedure to get fit and healthy.

Colon hydrotherapy offers hope to patients suffering from certain gastrointestinal disorders and can provide relief from discomfort and pain, especially with repeated treatments. The process is usually free from any discomfort, and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step #1 – Patients typically are asked to lie facing upward on a specially-designed table while wearing a gown much like those used in hospital settings.

Step #2 – A speculum is then inserted into the opening to the colon and a hose is attached to push water gently into the colonic area.

Step #3 – Normal colon movements and the gentle water pressure cleans the interior of the colon, washing away impurities, undigested food and built-up fecal matter.

This process is intended to detoxify the digestive system and improve overall health throughout the body.

Colonics are especially useful for those who consume a significant amount of highly-processed foods or red meat in their diet. These materials can create blockages or simply remain undigested in the colon for long periods of time. Colonic treatments can remove these impurities and leave clients feeling refreshed and healthy. Beginning a regular regimen of colonic cleansings can improve overall energy levels and increase stamina. Additionally, some patients may see major or minor improvements in existing gastrointestinal disorders, depending on the degree of the ailment.

The knowledgeable professionals at wellness spas can design a colonic health care program specifically to fit each client’s unique needs and lifestyle. By working together with wellness professionals, clients can improve their health, energy levels and lives.